Stunning Strappy Back Circle Maxi Dress

I think every girl that loves fashion has always wanted a big flowing dress to do twirls.  When girls are little their moms put them on a big uncomfortable dress and we twirl around the entire room.  So, when I made this circle dress I did exactly what I used to do when I was little. I twirled my ass off.  I twirled and smiled as my dear husband waited patiently on me to stand still so that he could take my picture.  I don’t care how old you are, twirling in a dress never gets old.

I designed this dress by draping the bodice on my dress form.  The skirt half of the dress was made by math and magic. (A little sewing humor) The strappy back is my favorite and I wanted a nice rich color to make this dress pop.  This dress does require about 6 yards of fabric but it’s so worth it.

I made two versions of this dress. I made a high low version and the long floor length version.  Let me know which version you like best.  IMG_4169IMG_4174IMG_0281IMG_4178IMG_4181IMG_4182IMG_4180IMG_4184IMG_4185IMG_4189IMG_4199IMG_4204IMG_4207IMG_4209