I Made a Masquerade Ball Dress.

Greetings! Hey friends, I made a masquerade ball dress. This was my first masquerade ball so of course I was excited to make my own dress. I chose a beautiful purple matte satin fabric. I also paired it with lace applique to break up some of the purple.

a beautiful purple matte satin fabric. I also paired it with lace applique to break up some of the purple.

a beautiful purple matte satin fabric. I also paired it with lace applique to break up some of the purple.

I draped the dress on my dress form with muslin

Denim Dress w/ Frayed Seams


Denim dress with frayed seams, designed by me! This dress is unique and stylish. I designed it by drafting the skirt on paper using my measurements. I used a bodice pattern I had already previously made by draping on my dress form. I used 1 1/2 yards of fabric and a 24″ inches long zipper for this dress. This dress has a puffy short sleeve and a turtleneck. Some of the seams are reversed and then picked with a safety pin to make the fray. There are darts in the front and back of the dress since the dress is non-stretch.

I bought this denim fabric at Mood in NYC.



I used a pattern I had previously made from draping and then drafted it on to paper.





Waistband, front and back.



Front bodice cut into 3 pieces.


Pinned darts in place.


Pinned seams together to expose raw edges.


View of inside, closed seam on inside.



Used safety pin to fray.




Drafted a short sleeve.


Fold in half to make the puffy sleeve.


Fold sleeve in half and fold until it’s folded evenly.


Cut the fold lines but don’t cut all the way through.


Spread the sleeve and tape it. The spread is what makes the sleeve puff at the top.



DSC_0106DSC_0205Let me know what you guys think of this design.  Leave me a comment and to see more of my designs check out my previous project on how to make a Bustier Crop Top from Old Jeans.

65-Year Old Great Grandmother’s Wedding Dress Reconstructed for 8 Year Old Great Granddaughter

Yes, you read the title right!  I reconstructed a 65-year-old wedding dress.  When I was approached to alter a 65 year old wedding dress for my dear neighbor Amanda, I was honored.  I knew that the project needed special attention because the dress was very sentimental for the family. Plus, considering the age of the dress it would definitely require great care.  The family did an awesome job preserving the dress which made my job a breeze. The 65 year old dress would be worn eight year old Gabby the great-granddaughter of the owner of the dress. IMG_0972

To alter the dress I started by taking Gabby’s measurements.  I measured her chest, high shoulder point, waist and where the dress would end.  I then measured the dress itself. I laid the dress flat inside out and measured it from seam to seam.  Then I did the calculations to determine all the measurement differences.  I also had Gabby try on the dress and I pinned the sides.  I carefully removed the bodice from the skirt and then altered.  I also had to adjust the armholes and make them smaller.



Amanda also wanted the dress shortened and the tulle petticoat removed so it would be less cumbersome for little Gabby. This dress still had layers from the lining and extra tulle so, when I cut it I had to cut each layer one by one to shorten it.  For the skirt I made a gathering stitch and gathered the dress to fit Gabby’s waist.  The dress was so well preserved the original fabric buttons were still intact. The buttons had previously been removed and that’s probably what kept them in such good condition.  I sewed the buttons on by hand. It was tedious but rewarding since the dress was vintage it’s integrity wasn’t compromised by putting on new buttons or even a zip.

gab4 (1)

All original buttons!

When Gabby came back for a fitting the bodice was still a little too big.  I then realized that I would need to take the dress in at not only the side seams but the front and the back darts.  I pinned the darts in deep since a 8-year-old doesn’t have breast I needed to take in that extra fabric. I had to adjust the back darts also since a child’s back width is not as wide as an adult’s back. Once I adjusted the darts and we were in business Gabby’s Holy Communion dress was ready!!

Screenshot_20180603-121701_Instagram (1)


All altered and sewn back together.


Such a cutie!!




Leave me a comment and let me know what you guys think.  Also,  to see more fabulous designs by me check out the off-shoulder ruffle dress click —> here.