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Lynette Alexis Services 

Lynette Alexis’ Services

Located in West Palm Beach, servicing everywhere.

Prices are estimates


Casual Dress:

Add bust dart   $18

Adjust armhole  $20

Adjust neckline $15+

Hem shorten or lengthen unlined (regular width up to to 25”)   $20

Hem shorten or lengthen unlined (width more than 25”)    $35

Hem with lined (regular width till 25”)   $32

Hem with lined (width more than 25”)   $42

Lengthen bodice (with fabric) $40

Shorten bodice $45

Replace zipper $28

Take in sides $22-$25

Take in sides, reset sleeve $28

Take in sides lined $25-$40

Shorten waist/back with zipper/closure $35


Button fix $1

Button new $3

Make buttonholes $5

Patch holes 4”+ $10

Patch holes under 4” $5 – $8

Rip in seam $5

Taper and hem pants $42

Shorten spaghetti straps $20

Reduce/narrow shoulders $35

Take measurements $10


Hem $12

Hem & keep original hem $15

Replace zipper $18

Take in /out waist  $22

Men’s Pants:

Take in/out waist $22

Hem $12

Invisible hem $14

Zipper $18

Replace Zipper $18


Shorten t shirt keep original hem  $8

Rip in seam $5

Add darts $18

Skirts :

Hem short, full $15, $18


Skirt waist IN/OUT   $15-25

Formal Gowns Alterations:

Call for an inquiry

For all services not listed, call for inquiries

For custom designs call for an inquiry.  (Custom patterns are draped and/or drafted for custom dresses)

phone: 313-444-2860


Emergency Alterations offered starting at $20 plus cost of services.

Day rate $250 for up to 8 hrs


Travel is available up to 60 miles from West Palm Beach Fl, 33411, please call for pricing.

Long distance travel, please call for pricing.

phone: 313-444-2860